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The mission of the Quantum Healing Hands Fellowship is to bring together spiritual healers of all spiritual healing hands traditions for the purpose of helping all people receive and accept Divine spiritual healing on every level of their being.

The mission of the Quantum Healing Hands License Board is to license all qualified healing hands applicants as Licensed Spiritual Healers, certify all qualified instructors as Certified Quantum Healing Hands Instructors and accredit all educational organizations that meet our stringent requirements.


We believe all healing is spiritual healing and that everything in the Creation has the right to receive and accept or reject Divine healing of their own free will. We believe Divine healing heals us on all levels of our being including, but not limited to spiritual, electrical, mental, magnetic, emotional, energetic, psychological, astral, physical, causal, etheric, spirit, soul, ego, shadow and our relationships of every kind. Please read about our healing paradigm for more information.

The Quantum Healing Hands Community

The Quantum Healing Hands Community is a member of the Independent Universal Fellowship (IUF) which operates under the umbrella of the Universal Gnostic Fellowship (UGF). We support the other members of the Federation and IUF. We support and subscribe to the philosophy and services provided by the Academy 4 Coaching.

The Quantum Healing Hands Fellowship accepts applications from spiritual healers of all traditions who subscribe to our beliefs and mission. Interested parties are invited to submit their application as a Word document or PDF File for consideration. We do not discriminate against any spiritual healer or aspiring spiritual healer who subscribes to our mission and beliefs described above.


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Benefits of Membership in Our Community

The Quantum Healing Hands Community is an internationally recognized spiritual organization organized to comply with all national rules and regulations governing "churches, temples and fellowships." Our community belongs to the American Association of Spiritual Healers and Coaches (AASHC). You are encouraged to find a suitable accredited community for yourself.

This allows our members to obtain web hosting, web building and design, web certification, insurance and other business services at wholesale pricing well below industry average pricing.

Licensed Spiritual Healers

The Quantum Healing Hands License Board (QHHLB) is wholly owned and operated by the Quantum Healing Hands Community. QHHLB is accredited and endorsed by the Federation of Spiritual Healer Licensing Boards (FSHLB). QHHLB licenses spiritual healers who practice any of several forms of healing. Please see our List of Affiliate Groups for more information.

Requirements for Your Spiritual Healer License

The requirements to become licensed by the Quantum Healing Hands License Board as a Licensed Spiritual Healer or Spiritual Health Coach are:

  1. Complete a 20 ceu course in professional practices and ethics
  2. Write and use an approved informed consent form (10 CEU) in your healing practice
  3. Complete a 3 semester hour or 40 ceu workshop in basic coaching skills
  4. Complete a certification course in an approved spiritual healing technique
  5. Complete your application form and make your payment

Contact us at qhh@fshlb.com

You may also leave us a message at 800-710-1539 extension #3

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